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Thursday, August 1, 2013

University of Wisconsin - Online Degrees in Sustainability

As part of our ongoing effort to identify, evaluate and publicize online degree programs in sustainability, today we will be looking at the University of Wisconsin. Our information comes from a variety of sources, but all evaluations and opinions are our own.


The University of Wisconsin is, perhaps, the most visible and most prestigious of the land grant colleges. With their flagship campus, the University of Wisconsin at Madison, the system comprises dozens of colleges scattered throughout the state and more recently, the internet. The system enrolls more than 180k students and employs more than 32k faculty and staff and includes two doctoral research universities, eleven comprehensive universities, thirteen freshman-sophomore colleges and the statewide University of Wisconsin-Extension, through which their degree and certificate programs  in sustainability are run.

Degree Programs

  • Bachelors (21 courses, 63 credits)
  • Certificate Programs
  • Masters (14 courses)


The Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Management is a fully accredited bachelor degree completion program. The program was approved by the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents,[2] and is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.[3] The curriculum was developed in cooperation with companies that are leading the way in sustainability, including Johnson Controls, Ford Motor Company, Eastman Kodak, Quad Graphics, FedEx, SC Johnson, Kohl’s Department Stores, Veolia Environmental Services, and Modine Manufacturing.[4] UW–Extension also worked with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and other government agencies, along with faculty from the four UW campuses, to build the curriculum.[5]



You get the value and the prestige of a degree from the University of Wisconsin System, as well as a wide-ranging set of courses from which to choose.


The University of Wisconsin Sustainable Management Degree was not ranked in the top 10 of its category from Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

From the Website

"It’s no secret our world and business environments are always changing. More than ever, sustainability is key to giving you a competitive edge in today’s economy—financially, environmentally, and socially. For this reason, the University of Wisconsin Sustainable Management programs are thoughtfully designed with input from twenty-first-century businesses across the United States. Curriculum is hands-on. Real-world problems are faced head-on. And you learn to develop triple bottom line businesses that balance profitability with the needs of the environment and the wider communities in which we live."


Princeton Review Green Honor Roll: Yes (UW Stephens Point, UW Oshkosh)


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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Online Degrees in Sustainability - What to Do?

Online Degrees in Sustainability - What to Do? (via Dude, Sustainable!)

The face of American education is rapidly changing. Traditional four year colleges are becoming increasingly unaffordable for the middle classes, while the ranks and diversity of online degrees are swelling. Many of us who work from home, or even those…

Online Degrees in Sustainability

Hi, and welcome to this brand new blog. On this site, we intend to discuss degree programs in sustainability, specifically ones that can be taken online. The world of higher education is changing, and an online degree is no longer a joke. Even the world's top universities, the Harvards, Stanfords and Berkeley's of the world are shifting their educational focus from the traditional, in-class model to a more diversified set of offerings with a heavy online component. Furthermore, degrees from the like of Phoenix and DeVry are no longer considered mere sheets of paper. Local colleges have become international, and international universities can now be local in any part of the world.

In this blog, we intend to periodically review degree programs in sustainability, specifically focusing on your options for online degrees. Whether it be strictly related to sustainability, or whether it be tangential like an MBA program, computer science degree or civil engineering degree to name a few, we intend to get to the heart of the matter through investigation and explication. Our sense of corporate social responsibility has informed our desire to be a resource and run a socially responsible business our of our home-based office. Nowhere is this more important than the mounting debate over sustainable development and climate change. Degree programs in sustainability aim to educate the next generation of social advocates, and we want to be on the front lines. Be socially responsible! is blogger-in-chief at Dude, Sustainable!. Find us on Google+ or on Facebook.

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