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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Green and Keen

Green and keen (via Education Post)

Companies large and small are increasingly realising the value of adopting a "greener" approach to business. Most importantly - in the face of diminishing resources, choking pollution and overflowing landfills - this is because a more environmentally…

Monday, September 16, 2013

Green Schools Part of New Movement in Education

New Green Schools Part of Green Movement in Education (via Global Warming is Real)

The green movement that has swept the globe in the past two decades is now starting to move into the public school system. Districts across the country are beginning to adopt green policies in hopes of lessening the environmental impact of schools while…

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Saturday, August 24, 2013

New England College Master's of Science and Management-Sustainability Online

As part of our ongoing effort to identify, evaluate and publicize online degree programs in sustainability, today we will be looking at the New England College Masters of Science and Management-Sustainability Online. The New England College is an online college that awards a Master's Degree in Science and Management - Sustainability. Our information comes from a variety of sources, but all evaluations and opinions are our own.

Online College

New England College was founded in 1946 in Henniker, New Hampshire to cater to returning WWII vets going to college on the GI Bill. It's on-campus enrollment is about 1800 undergraduate students, but New England College has been a significant player on online and distance education. They claim:
The purpose of the New England College School of Graduate and Professional Studies is to remove the obstacles to educational advancement and open new pathways leading to professional development and personal enrichment. New England College is the leader in flexible, tailored on-site graduate programs offered throughout the region and through multiple delivery models.

Online Degree Programs

  • Master's of Science in Management - Sustainability


The Master of Science in Management – Sustainability online program helps you become an agent of change through an examination of key concepts informing the triple-bottom line.  Focus on important issues in sustainability: renewable energy, natural resources, environmental law, and the roles and responsibilities corporations have in the communities where they do business. Discover innovative approaches to understand, research, and provide solutions to complex sustainability challenges.


  • Flexibility
  • Cost
  • Relatively quick and easy program to complete
  • Easily Accepted


  • As with most colleges that specialize in online offerings, you're missing out on the trappings of the classic research university. The degree itself won't mean much, unless you know what to make of it and how to explain to professional employers what you have been doing for two years. 


  • Unknown



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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Come Visit Our Parent Site!

Come check out our parent site, Dude, Sustainable! At Dude, Sustainable! we blog about the environment, global warming and sustainable living practices at home, on the road and wherever you may go! We believe sustainability is the most important issue human beings will confront in the 21st century? Why? For at least 300 years, since the dawn of the industrial revolution, human beings have increasingly lived beyond their means, using more resources than we can afford and pushing more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The result, undeniable climate change that threatens us all. A changing climate isn't going to kill us all, but it will radically disrupt our lives and our wallets. Billions of dollars lost due to rising sea levels and changing agrarian patterns, and potentially billions of lives lost to the massive disruptions we face. Can we afford this? Absolutely not. But there are ways that you can help! Come visit Dude, Sustainable! and see some of our trending topics. They include: Green Living and Green living blogs. We aim to be a resource for green bloggers everywhere, connecting information and social profiles to help spread the message. We're a node in a growing social network!

  • Build Your Own Greenhouse in a few easy steps. One of the first steps towards sustainability is paying attention to your foods' supply chain. Where does it come from? With greenhouse gardening, you can ensure that your food is coming from a safe and organic source, and you can encourage others to do the same!
  • Strawberry! A recent NPR story about reviving the heirloom strawberry (which no-one in the world really knows about) piqued our interest, and it's been a springboard to greater discussions about sustainability and heirloom gardening.

  • Go Green with our "Easy Steps to Go Green" list. We've compiled some of our best stories and listed them for your perusal in an effort to try and identify the most important and easiest steps you can take towards green living.

  • Be Green with our "Sustainable Living Resources"! We've connected you to some of our favorite partners and sites in an effort to once again be a node in this growing green network!

We hope you're stop by and visit us, and we're really looking forward to the next few years in sustainability! Come, join us and you won't be sorry!

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