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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Online Colleges With Degrees in Sustainability Now Using Disqus Comments

Regular readers of this blog will know I've been experimenting with a number of comment forms for my posts, and I think I've finally settled on Disqus. Facebook Comments haven't been as easy or as social as I would have liked, and for some reason, the Google+ comments box I liked completely disappeared during an edit of my page's CSS. How it happened, I don't know, and a weekend of trying to get it back hasn't helped. So, I'm settling on Disqus for a number of reasons. One, it offers a flexible sign-in...I've allowed comments from "guests" who aren't registered with Disqus or who don't want to post with one of their social profiles. Two, it's a really sleek design, although a little slow to load. It's my hope that visitors are reading the entire post, so by the time the comments box loads, you'll be in the middle of the article and hopefully thinking of something you can say! Three, it actually offers a "sponsored content" model that works for small publishers like myself. See the "Around the Web" Links at the bottom? Yep. those are sponsored stories that are hopefully interesting and appealing to you. Maybe it'll bring in some additional (well, just some) revenue to help us out at Dude, Sustainable! Leave a comment in the box and let me know what you think!
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